Choosing The Right Baby Receiving Blanket (Special Tips)

Receiving Blankets

Receiving blankets are a lightweight, waterproof blanket that is great for transporting to and from the baby's room. In most cases, a receiving blanket will be used during the coldest part of the season as well. A cold winter night on the run may cause you to feel exhausted if you are not comfortable. Receiving blankets help reduce fatigue, especially when used on a regular basis.

Purpose & Usage of Receiving Blankets:

Receiving blankets have various uses in and around your baby's room. Some may just serve as a blanket, others are to keep baby warm. Depending on what you need them for, the size may vary. For example, a car seat receiving blanket may fit snugly over your seat and provide warmth while you drive. Baby car seat receiving blankets come in several sizes and can either be fitted with a small zipper or Velcro to make them easy to put on and off.

Other than baby car seats receiving blankets are available in small pouches and the popular Swaddle blanket. Swaddle blankets are typically large enough to cover the entire lower body of your baby and are usually made of polyester. Swaddle blankets are great for use on couches, chairs, and armchairs. They are comfortable for a long time and maybe easily washed.

More About Receiving Blankets:

A receiving blanket is usually a long, thin fabric piece that fits over the shoulders or is used in conjunction with a blanket. They come in different fabrics and colors to match the other colors and styles of baby clothes or blankets that your baby has. There are many brands, sizes, and uses of receiving blankets available today. Finding the right size, material, and color for your baby's needs can sometimes be confusing.

Receiving Blankets Vs Swaddle:

If your baby is in a baby car seat, you will most likely want a receiving blanket with Velcro closures or snaps to secure the blanket to your car seat when you take it out of the car. Babies have a tendency to grab things and pull them off. In addition, there is nothing worse than trying to remove a blanket when the car seat is attached to the car! Babies like to get a hold of things. Receiving blankets provide a very safe place to hang them while you drive and are relatively easy to access. Even a small amount of movement can cause them to come off.

Swaddle blankets are also available for babies that spend the majority of their time on their back. Swaddling helps keep the child in place and allows the parents to carry with them while they are traveling. However, swaddling is not recommended when the baby is moving around in the vehicle as they can become entangled in the blanket. Swaddle blankets are not always waterproof. In order to be sure the swaddling blanket is waterproof, it is recommended that you test it to make sure it won't leak. Since swaddling keeps the child in place, you should only get one with this feature.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing Receiving Blankets:

When searching for a warm blanket to use while traveling, you want a warm, comfortable, and waterproof blanket. Most baby receiving blankets will not be made with any type of insulating material. Therefore, you will need a receiving blanket that is made with a fleece or quilting or fleece/wool blend blanket. This material will keep the baby warm but allow for air to circulate.

Receiving blankets should be chosen carefully based on the purpose they will serve. Whether or not they are waterproof or made with a fleece blend, most blankets will be made from some kind of cotton or wool fabric. These blankets will not only keep baby warm, but they will also keep baby dry. You do not want to use an uncomfortable, thick wool blanket when you are going somewhere with an infant. Babies do not enjoy being in these kinds of blankets and would rather stay cool.

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