Why Do Cats Knead Blankets - It Is Their Way of Getting Your Attention?

Cats often knead Blankets. Reason? Well, cats don't actually do this to get a treat they are just making their own cozy little spot for them and themselves. If your cat is trying to get your attention or want you to pet him, he will probably roll around in his ball until you come over.

Most dogs take the time to get used to being around people before they try to start rolling around on the floor with their nose, tail, etc. They understand that this is part of what they have to do as a part of the socialization process. As you can see it isn't too hard for a dog to get his head wrapped around something and roll on it. It's a lot harder for a cat to be able to roll around with his body in the air.

In fact, cats who are constantly with humans will probably start kneading blankets instead of just playing with you. They understand the idea of getting your attention. Cats love to cuddle and so they will roll around on blankets in order to get your attention. This is an important step in the process to getting a cat to respect you.

One of the reasons that these creatures roll around in balls is because they get the warm feeling from rolling on a blanket. The warmth that they feel when they roll around is very important to them. It reminds them that they are safe and that they can trust you.

Another reason that cats knead blankets is that they like to play with things. They want to be able to move and play with all of the various objects that we have. As a cat owner, you can help them develop the skills that they need to use their paws and claws in all of the different ways that they need to use them so that they can have the opportunity to explore all of the different toys that are available.

As long as you are consistent in keeping your cat happy and healthy and playing with your cat he will continue to roll on his blanket regardless of whether or not you are playing with him. It may sound like you are forcing him into doing something that he doesn't want to do but you really need to remember that cats are just animals, and they enjoy the interaction that they have with people.

As a final reason as to why cats are always kneading their blankets is that they want you to stop napping because this is the real reason that they are moving around on them. They are trying to get your attention and they will continue to roll if you don't get up and get ready to go to sleep.

So, when you are wondering why do cats knead blankets there are several good reasons to give it some thought. I hope that this article has provided you with some interesting information.

The most important reason that I can think of for the way that cats roll their blankets is the fact that they want your attention. If you are not getting their attention, they will move on to another place in order to get you to pay attention to.

Pet stores will have several items that they sell to keep people in the house that will keep them entertained such as video games, toys, radio, DVDs, etc. if you spend a little time looking at some of them you will see that they are going to keep you occupied for quite a while.

The next reason that I can think of as to why do cats knead blankets is that they want to make sure that the temperature in the room is right. They do not like to be left out in the cold especially when it is cold outside.

The last real reason that I can think of for why cats are kneading their blankets is that they want to be able to curl up with you while you are sleeping. This is a very popular reason and cats love it when they are near a person. They will curl up with you to snuggle and they know that they will never hurt you if they do.