How to Tie a Blanket Scarf the Right Way

A scarf around the neck is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can own. Many people wear them with just about any type of outfit to make an attractive and fashionable outfit. It has always been popular for men to wear a scarf with a suit or a pair of dress pants. There are also different ways to tie a scarf depending on the length and the fabric.

how to tie a blanket scarf

    1. The first step is to prepare the fabric that you are going to use for the scarf. To do this, place the end of the yarn in your palm and roll it from front to back. The length of the scarf will depend on your preference. Make sure that it is very long enough to wrap around your head and neck. Then take the scarf and cut it lengthwise in half. Turn the half of the fabric so that you will be able to lay it over the hook you have prepared.
    2. Next, insert your fingers between the strands and gently twist the length of the scarf. Pulling it tightly, tighten it down until it is completely covered your entire neckline. If the scarf is too long, you can simply cut it short. If the scarf is too short, you can add a few inches to the length. However, remember to make it as long as your imagination will allow.
    3. The next step is to pull the scarf through the loops that are created in order to fasten it around the neckline. Put your right hand on the back side of the scarf. Place your left palm on the left of your right hand. You will now want to hold the scarf tightly together. Once you have your scarf snugly bound, continue the procedure by sliding your right hand over the left side of the fabric.
    4. Tie the left hand of the right hand under the left hand of your left hand and move your left hand over the right hand under the right hand of your left hand. Make sure to overlap the strands by putting one strand under the other. Keep the scarf in place.
    5. When you feel that the knot is being tight, pull the knot tight and do not pull it so tight that the knot is visible on your neckline. Now, pull the knot down on both sides until it is taut. You can easily slip it over the knot so that it does not come loose.
    6. When your scarf is completely secure, pull the knot completely taut and secure the ribbon using a small hook. You can then secure the ribbon using more thread. If you have a large curtain that you are using as a curtain rod, you may need to make several passes until you find the right knot to use.
    7. Finally, wrap the ends of the string around a good quality rope to secure it to the blanket. You will want to do this as often as possible so that the knot will stay secure and do not unravel. Remember, when you are working with woolen fabric, you will need to do it once or twice per day to ensure that your scarf is always tied properly.

When it comes time for you to take it off, it is important that you carefully remove the knot and trim the excess length of blanket scarf. It is also important that you give your baby plenty of room to get in and out of the blanket. When you are done using the blanket, allow it to dry completely before taking it off the child.

There are several ways to keep your blanket scarf looking good. You can buy a new one in the future, or you could buy a duplicate scarf. if the original one wears out. When you buy a new one, be sure to buy a duplicate that has a new style or color that is different from the original one.

A blanket scarf is often used as a symbol of love and warmth for both adults and children. When you tie a scarf the way that you would like to, it will make a great gift that will bring a smile to those who receive it.