Infrared Sauna Blanket: Should you use or not?

infrared sauna blanket

There are many advantages to using an infrared sauna blanket over traditional steam saunas. But there are also some disadvantages as well. Infrared sauna blankets use infrared light to produce controlled heat. This kind is most commonly referred to as far infrared. The term is usually used to describe a state in which the light rays fall on a spectrum of wavelengths that includes wavelengths from red light up to near-ultraviolet light. The result of this process is heat not just within the body but also outside the body.

The heat produced by this technique does not burn off sweat but rather warms the body. In traditional steam saunas, steam travels through your body and gets heated in the pores. Because it is infrared, you don't get the same results from hot air bubbles traveling throughout your body.

Infrared light can be dangerous, too. The infrared heat that causes the skin to tan has been linked to cancer and other health concerns. Because it heats the skin directly, you could inhale harmful fumes from the infrared rays. If your infrared sauna blanket doesn't have a cover, you may inhale some fumes while you are in the sauna.

Some hot-air saunas come with a cover that helps to prevent vapors and gases from escaping. But the covers don't actually trap heat and only keep the heat inside. With an infrared sauna blanket, you want a device that traps heat inside the sauna. That way, the steam that escapes from the sauna will not warm you and your body.

Since the infrared heat cannot heat the air, you'll need more room to operate the device. For example, you need an open space like a hallway or an enclosed room in your home. This way, you can still use the heat generated by the sauna even when no one else is present. Or nearby. You won't have to worry about your neighbors overheating during the day, either.

An infrared sauna cover works best with infrared sauna heaters. However, you might want to purchase a separate device to control the heat of your infrared heater.

As previously stated, this review isn't intended to be all-inclusive. But it should give you an idea of why you should consider using an infrared sauna blanket instead of a steam sauna.

Disadvantages: There are two primary disadvantages to using an infrared sauna. The first is that you must buy an infrared sauna blanket separately or use an infrared sauna heater with one.

The second is that, since an infrared sauna blanket is typically quite expensive, you might not want to buy one if you can't afford it. Even so, the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. If you are an avid sauna user, you know the pain and discomfort that come with sweating. That can come from traditional saunas.

Many people find steam saunas a lot less painful than sweating. It's better to go with something that is designed to help regulate your body temperature. than to sweat yourself out of existence. Also, it is much healthier to be in steam rather than standing and breathing for long periods of time.

Disadvantages are also linked to the cost. You might want to buy more than one infrared sauna cover. If you have more than one family member who is going to use the sauna, you need more than one blanket. For instance, you might buy one for each adult and one for children.

There are advantages as well. Because you do not have to worry about steam escaping the sauna, you can save money on electricity and energy bills. Some saunas use more electricity than standard heaters. You also get the convenience and privacy. An infrared sauna heater uses less power than an electric heater, allowing you to heat and cool the sauna with fewer cords.