Use Sauna Infrared Therapy To Reduce Weight And Keep Healthy

If you need to supplement extra sweat sessions during a cardio workout, Higher Dose Infrared Sauna Blanket is the perfect warm up wrap-around blanket to cap off the session. Paired with a specially designed heat balancing clay and an amethyst & tourmaline combination, the sauna blanket is a natural way to add weight while minimizing any discomfort and burning fat. Designed with a polyester lining and polypropylene construction, this heat-loss therapy treatment will help you stay in the best possible mental and physical condition for future workouts and competition.

higher dose infrared sauna blanket

  • The higher doses used in the heat-balancing process burn more calories than traditional blankets do. In fact, the sauna blankets can help you burn more calories than other sweat suits. However, the more traditional blankets offer a much less effective form of sweating which means that you could still end up feeling cold or overheated. This is because some of these blankets can actually allow your body temperature to rise during the session, leaving you with no relief.
  • Even if you've already worked out for hours, doing a high intensity workout can still leave you with excess heat trapped inside the body. With a warm up sauna blanket, you'll be able to remove the bulk of the accumulated heat so that you can feel a warm and comfortable sauna blanket even after working out. This is especially useful when you're training for a marathon. With this blanket, you'll be able to get the maximum benefit from your workouts.
  • Made from the same heat balance clay that's used in many professional athletes' sweat suits, this heat-balancing therapy treatment is designed specifically to reduce the effects of heat on the body. A special ceramic layer is used to reduce or eliminate sweating while the amethyst & tourmaline clay absorb extra body heat. The ceramic layer absorbs all the heat that's stored in the body and the clay absorbs the heat that's been lost from sweating, leaving the body with the necessary amount of coolness and hydration to perform at its optimal level during exercise. Since the sauna blanket is designed with a special thermal reflective barrier to provide the heat needed for burning calories, it provides optimum comfort for the body.
  • These heat-balancing blankets are also beneficial for those who are working out but not trying to lose weight. This type of blanket provides the body with the necessary protection to avoid overheating and the harmful effects of hot temperatures on the skin. Heat is one of the most common causes of discomfort for people who are trying to lose weight and maintain their health. An infrared sauna blanket is ideal for those looking to use weight loss as part of their plan.
  • Because infrared blankets are designed to reduce body temperature to help with muscle development and fat burning, they offer the same benefits that traditional sauna blankets have offered to those that want to shed extra pounds. These blankets are made from 100 percent pure cotton, that is hypoallergenic and non-allergenic so that those suffering from sensitive skin can use them without worry. This also helps to reduce skin irritation from the heat of the sauna machine so you can use the blanket comfortably and without having to worry about irritation.
  • These sauna blankets are also great for those who like to use the sauna at home. Because they are made with an extremely high level of fiber and heat retaining properties, they can effectively regulate the amount of heat that's trapped in the body so that you can use the sauna without having to use the traditional warm-water baths you usually take before using the machine.

Whether you're looking to lose weight or just use sauna blankets to help improve your overall health, these heat-balancing treatments are highly effective for both of these purposes. They are safe, gentle and affordable and can be found for use in a wide range of settings whether it's in your own home or when you are using it in a sauna or steam room.